Meet the Storytellers of September's Inspire! Las Vegas

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This month's theme was Service and WOW, what incredible energy was brought to the stage. We had four powerful and unique stories that flowed into one cohesive message:

Service is one of the few things in life that make you richer by giving it away.

Connected with Service was a deep sense of community I felt while in downtown Las Vegas. If you know me, you know that Vegas has never been my cup of tea and I never thought my community efforts would be directed there. But it's happening and now I know why... I felt it in that room on Saturday and while no city is perfect, I know you can't manufacture that sense of connection, it was real.

I want to thank each of our speakers for having the guts, the gumption, and the heart to get up on that stage and be vulnerable. Thank you for your noble acts of service and for the reminder to turn our inspiration into ACTION. As Evelyn shared, financial gifts are great but your presence and time means so much more!

Last, I want to thank our host, Rukesh Samarasekera who had the heart to renew this event and truly make it happen. You have become a close new friend to me and I treasure you!

CommUNITY exists friends, even in the least likely of places. Be open, because everyone has a story .

To share yours, apply to be an Inspire! speaker here.

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