Mollie Marti: Very Happy Person and Resilency Researcher

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Big on community, family, and happiness. Meet resiliency researcher, author, professor, coach, and blogger, Mollie Marti.

Dr. Mollie Marti

DH: Share a bit about yourself and where you're from.
Mollie Marti: I’m a Midwest girl, growing up 12th of 13 kids in a close knit family. My husband and I live near our families, raising our kids on an Iowa apple orchard. My educational background is as a lawyer and a psychologist.

DH: Tell us about your business or the company where you work, and how you got started.
MM: I’m a resiliency researcher on a mission to mentor leaders to thrive and serve. I do this through speaking, writing, and mentoring. In addition to my leadership resilience company, I’m an adjunct professor of psychology at the University of Iowa and  am in the process of founding a charity to help communities in crises more quickly recover and build greater resilience. The starting point for most things I do? People -- and their ability to grow themselves and uplift others -- fascinate me.

DH: How do you deliver happiness to your employees, customers and/or colleagues? 
MM: Hopefully in small ways, throughout the day, every day. It truly is the small moments of gifting our time, attention, respect, and appreciation that make others happy.

DH: What about DH, the book and/or the movement, inspires you the most?
MM: While I’d be a supporter of the Happiness Movement -- being happy and joyful is good for you and those around you -- I’m a raving fan of the Delivering Happiness Movement. Intentionally contributing to others’ happiness and well being is what defines the success of one’s life.

DH: Did DH nudge you towards making any changes in your life? If so, tell us more.
MM: The DH book inspired me and gave me practical tips to bring more value to others’ lives, especially to my employees so they can take better care of our clients. Hearing Tony speak to our community and interacting with the DH bus crew brought these lessons to life. The passion, creativity, and service-focus were apparent in every DH team member I met.

Walking with JusticeDH: Is there a person, experience, or event in your life that was pivotal in shaping your outlook on happiness?
MM: My life’s greatest mentor was Judge Max Rosenn. I went to study with Judge upon graduating law school. I went to learn the law and his love and wisdom transformed my life. When my life deconstructed from a heart virus a few years back, I used his life philosophy and lessons to intentionally rebuild a happy and fulfilling life one block at a time. I recently wrote a book so others can apply this wisdom called Walking with Justice: Uncommon Lessons from One of Life’s Greatest Mentors.

DH: Why is happiness important to you?
MM: Happiness – both creating and sharing --- is an important part of purposeful living package. Researchers see the same attributes showing up. For example, longevity researchers began studying people who live an unusually long life. Upon closer examination, they also found more happiness, healthier habits, higher productivity, greater purpose, and deeper connection with others. These are all pieces of a meaningful human experience.

DH: What makes you really happy?
MM: Fully experiencing the big things . . . through the little things. Savoring love, service, and connection through those precious moments of snuggling with family, working in my community, walking our pups through the orchard, belly laughing with friends, or standing in awe of nature. I thrive on experiences -- adventuring and making memories with my loved ones.

DH: What's your advice to someone who wants to start making happiness a priority but doesn't know where to begin?
MM: Wanting to make happiness a priority is a start. It’s a sign of awareness. Nurture this by keeping a running Joy List of the people and experiences that make you happy. Set a strong intention of experiencing more joyful moments, which will direct your attention to opportunities for happiness. Work toward a practice of doing something every day that makes you happy. Protect and celebrate these joy makers.

DH: What’s your favorite happy and/or inspirational quote?
MM: "It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis." ~Margaret Bonnano

DH: What's something weird that makes you happy?
MM: I’m a vegetarian . . . who loves the smell of barbecue chicken. It makes me happy every time even though I have no desire to eat the chicken. It cracks up my kids to see me by the grill saying, “Mmmm . . . I love this smell!”

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