Nic Marks Holds Happiness At Work Survey Masterclass In San Francisco, August 2nd and 3rd

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Nic MarksNic Marks, founder of the award-winning NEF Centre for Well-being and co-creator of the Happy Planet Index, leads the Happiness at Work Survey Masterclass, August 2nd and 3rd in San Francisco.

The Happiness at Work Survey Masterclass brings together:

1)    the latest research on sustainable performance

2)     the science of happiness and well-being

3)     the tools of Nic Marks, one of the world’s leading experts on well-being

Masterclass Agenda:

  • Day 1: Understanding happiness and well-being at work: the science, why to invest in it, the models, and practical applications.
  • Day 2: Using the happiness at work survey: details and best practices to empower cultural transformation, facilitate team development, overcome barriers, and create successful action plans.

Class is participatory and fun, using practical exercises that ask you to draw on your own experiences. Oh, did we mention Nic Marks?

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