Oh How We've Grown!

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Jenn Lim captures the trajectory of the DH Movement in her interview with MO.com

The Delivering Happiness Movement grew by leaps and bounds in 2011, making the beginning of 2012 a very happy new year!

Fueled by our inspiring community, we've made tremendous progress in nudging the world to a happier place. If you're wondering whether you're part of something BIG, I mean REALLY BIG . . . well, just look at what we've done together:

A very good thing to start. We announced our transition from the book to the tour to the Movement in March 2011.

Around the world. Our Delivering Happiness Community is now made up of members from over 130 countries, 1200 cities.

Blast off!  DH@Work and DHshop were launched to fund and grow the Movement. We make happy work and create merch that has a DHshopmission to spread good vibes.

A universal language of Happiness. We're on our 18th translation of the Delivering Happiness book.

A meaningful relationship. With a following of over 28,000 Likes on Facebook, our engagement rating surpasses Justin Bieber's and is at least six times the industry average for large, known brands. We continue to meet the goal of creating meaningful interactions with our community and have over 7,000 members following us on Twitter.

Inspire and Be Inspired! We've held 8 Inspire Events where community members take the stage to talk about all things inspiring.

VHPs as the new VIPs. Our Very Happy Person membership has increased by 1000%.

Good news. Our newsletter has over 12,000 subscribers.

Happy Tunes. We launched our playlist of happy songs on Spotify.

From the bottom to the top of our happy hearts, we thank and applaud you for helping us turn happiness into a global Movement.  Keep up the great work!

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