On The Menu: Happy Food

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Happiness is all around. Sometimes it's easy to spot, sometimes it's downright sneaky— or just delicious. A while ago, we asked you to submit pictures of your happy food art to our Facebook page. Well, guess what? We've been so amused by your photos that we're thinking of making a whole book chock-full of happy food!

That said, we're going to need your help. We're challenging all of you to snap a picture of your happy food creation and send it to happyfood@deliveringhappiness.com. If we get enough pictures (with easy-on-the-eyes resolution), there's a chance we might put together a book! So if you want your photos to be featured in the Delivering Happiness book of Happy Food, send them all in! Make sure to include your full name and location so we can give you credit for your culinary creation (and/or follow up for a higher resolution photo).

Looking for inspiration? Here's a taste of what the others have submitted:
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Alright, happy munchers! Time to make your pancakes peppy and your green beans gleeful! We know you've been dying to play with your food, anyway.

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