Pay Happiness Forward: Delivering Happiness & charity: water

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Thank you for an amazing 2012 from charity: water on Vimeo.

Delivering Happiness is empowering and inspiring the masses to recognize their real potential by following their passions and therefore leading happier and more productive lives; with a smile and a wink here and there. With a brand new line of clothing, intended to make people feel great from the inside out, and 100% of the net profits being reinvested into the movement… we will see happier communities, cities, and corporations in no time, especially with your support.

Speaking of spreading happiness, clean drinking water is perhaps one of the most basic and primal of human needs. Even Abraham Maslow agrees… since 1943. Happiness starts with me and spreads to we: so be sure to pay it forward to “the we” this holiday. Help charity: water bring clean and safe drinking water to people all over the world in developing nations. Clean drinking water should not be seen as a luxury, but as a basic human right. Every voice, intention, and action makes a difference, so get involved.

This is our opportunity to check off the top and the bottom of the hierarchy pyramid. Together we can make a lasting difference at all levels.

Happy drinking, wearing, and smiling to all.


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