Reasons for Living: The Ubiquitous Laptop Sticker & What it Means for Your Happiness

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laptopPicturesSo, who has been to a coffee shop recently? Come on, raise your hands, don't be shy. There we go.

Based on that (admittedly unscientific) survey, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that you're all as familiar with the modern phenomenon of the laptop sticker, as displayed over there to the left, as I am. "But, why is this important?" I hear you asking amongst yourselves right now. Well, its all about the stickers, and the way they can affect our personal happiness.

Don't believe me? Let me walk you through my theory:

It's All About Sharing Yourself

Life moves fast as an adult, and even faster in this age of consumerism and and digital everything. In a world where the average young adult on Facebook has an astounding 510 friends, how do we ever manage to stand out in the crowd?

Avg Fbook friends

How do we make ourselves memorable?

I think this idea of being really seen - and remembered - is something most of us struggle with, and simple little things like stickers on a laptop, out there for everyone in the world to see, are so important. They allow us to define our existence as individuals, as well as the form that individuality takes.

Except for the Parts that Are About Being a Part of Something

Along with sharing the unique parts of ourselves, those silly, simple little laptop sticker play one other important role in our personal happiness. They allow us to declare our personal affiliations and broadcast a sense of belonging. Think about it. When you wear a band t-shirt to work on casual Friday, don't you just feel better about yourself, more comfortable in your own skin, that day? I believe that feeling comes from identifying publicly as part of a group, even if there are no other members of the group nearby.

Those stickers work the same way. Even if you're the only one who could possibly know what they mean, or refer to ("It's only weird in Goldshire," anyone?) you're still making a statement about your membership in a variety of social groups. That you belong. That you're worthy of belonging. Powerful stuff for some sticky vinyl pictures, am I right?

Stickers, as a Reason for Living?

Well, yes. Being memorable, and feeling memorable, are important. The idea of  belonging to something is incredibly important to your personal happiness, and sense of fulfillment in life. If a bunch of awesome colorful stickers can tip the scales - even a little - in favor of happiness, I think they're absolutely a Reason for Living!

Want Some Delivering Happiness stickers of Your Very Own?


Two ways:

1) Share your thoughts in the comments, or tell me what stickers are on your laptop,

2) Tweet @DHMovement a pic of your sticker-adorned laptop, using the hashtag #happylaptops.

In one week, I'll randomly select one winner from Twitter and one from all those who comment here to win a set of Delivering Happiness stickers. Good luck!

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