Recording the Audiobook, What a Trip...

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A few days ago, Tony (@zappos) sent out this tweet: -- Recording audio version of my new book "Delivering Happiness": 10:21 AM Mar 24th via TwitPic

Today, I went to a local studio to record the section I wrote about the Zappos Culture Book.

I was nervous, knowing what I recorded here would end up in ForeverLand. But the director of the show, Bob, reassured me he'll let me know if anything needed to be changed. The way his voice landed in my ears, it sounded like Tim Allen's faceless neighbor on Home Improvement, so I let anxiety go. 

What was most cool about this is that we're rounding up every voice that contributed for the audiobook. Even though Tony wrote most of it, we felt it was important for others to add their perspective. Without real-life testimonials, the book wouldn't amount to much more than "Tony's story". With theirs, it means so much more.

Not even sure how my recording turned out, but just another day in the life of making Delivering Happiness happen :)

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