Register For A Chance To Win A One-Hour Culture Check-Up At Work

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When is the last time your organization took a pulse on the vision, values, purpose, happiness, well-being and, well, culture of its employees and customers?

DH@Work offers a full roadmap of services for making happy work and work cultures, including the vital Culture Check-Up. To inspire and guide you on your journey to profits, passion, and purpose in your organization, we're excited to extend you the chance to win a free, one-hour Culture Check-Up as a complement to our latest happiness at work tools and resources.

To register for a chance to win a free, one-hour Check-Up and to learn more about DH@Work services, please see below.

Three Great Ways To Tune Up Your Culture At Work:

1. Take the Happiness at Work Survey. The first five surveys are free, on us! If you like the experience and the insight the survey provides, extend the survey to your entire organization for a comprehensive read on your state of happiness. And let us know your thoughts -- we love to hear your feedback and ideas!

2. Register for a chance to win a free, one-hour Culture Check-Up from DH@Work CEO James Key Lim.  Just cut and paste "free Culture Check-up" into the "interested in" line of our contact form.

3. Join us August 2nd and 3rd for our Survey Masterclass in San Francisco, a deep-dive into the theory and science of well-being and, a comprehensive review of the Happiness at Work Survey. Nic Marks, world renowned expert on well-being, leads the class. Now that sounds like sustainability with a smile!

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