Ric Elias on "3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed"

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Red Ventures CEO Ric Elias found his life irrevocably changed in January 2009 when his flight crash-landed into the Hudson River. In this recent TED talk, he details the moments before the infamous crash. Find out how those minutes inspired Ric to make a big decision: "I choose to be happy."

And if this story wasn't amazing enough, here's a weird coincidental tidbit from the files of Tony Hsieh: Ric paid a visit to Zappos the week before the crash and was actually carrying a Zappos magalog on the fated flight. Afterwards, he sent back the water-damaged book to the folks at Zappos. What a reminder that life is full of surprises!

It often seems to take something as huge as a plane crash to open our eyes to what's really important.  Imagine, in those moments before the plane hits the water; what would you do differently if you, like Ric , had another chance?

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