Runners All Smiles at the Marathon

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Tony Hsieh at the Marathon
Tony Hsieh and a smiling runner at the Rock 'n Roll Marathon

Last weekend's Rock 'n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon delivered happiness to 44,000 runners whose warm spirits won over a chilly, thirty degree evening.

The Delivering Happiness community tweeted words of encouragement to the participants during the run while the DH Bus was on hand to spread our positive vibes and happy merchandise.

As a follow-up to the marathon, we asked our community on Facebook to share the biggest accomplishment in their lives that brought them happiness. Here are some highlights:

Jeanine: Finishing the marathon was one of the most painful and rewarding things I've done.

DH's Sandi Herrera

Kim: I left a prestigious, great-paying job that made me miserable and found a career that truly makes me happy.

Fiona: Having my son about 8 months ago and then finishing a half marathon.

Bruce: Being centered and having true happiness.

Marilyn: Reaching the summit of Mt. Kilmanjaro!

Eileen: Walking 40 miles and raising $4500 for breast cancer.

Tommy: Graduating in 4 years with my mechanical engineering degree.

Laura: Got accepted into Physician Assistant school at 44.

Happy family runners

Amber: Learning how to do handstands at 39.

Marcia: Definitely finishing my first half marathon after I turned 50!

Jessica: Having accomplished career goals, projecting more and everything looking promising. At a personal level, finding true love.

Mollie: Being able to drive again.

Lydia: Raising my daughter.

Amber: Learning how to do handstands at 39.

The DH Crew and Winkey



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