Samsung's Happy Lip Dub

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We're so happy to have an international community of happiness-seekers contributing their ideas! It just makes the world seem a little smaller, in a good way. One of our newest VHPs (Very Happy Person--ya know the drill) from South Korea, InHyuk Song, posted a fantastic video on Facebook that we just had to share.

InHyuk admits that Asian companies can sometimes be pretty serious, but this video proves that a bit of fun seems to be valued, which is a good sign!

One of the companies I've worked with goes nuts for Halloween, with each department putting together wildly detailed theme costumes (that's how I ended up as Zombie Peter Pan last year) and creating a judged performance. Running around giggling with your boss or the head of finance can really bring everything into perspective.

Does your company get a little silly from time to time? What form does it take?

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