Self Care Is NOT Selfish Care

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Most people are in crisis – being OVERWHELMED and STRESSED is the norm. I speak to and work with lots of groups and I'm always hearing the same stories of fatigue and overwork. We all know we should take care of ourselves, but we rarely do it. For our happiness, health, and sanity, isn't it time we made self care a priority?

“The best community service I can offer the world is to stay safe and sane.” Liz Gilbert, Author, Eat –Pray-Love

Michelle Morris, Author of The Cherished Self, talks about how important it is that we cherish ourselves not as an afterthought but a priority. When you are a Depleted Self you blame others for life circumstances, you are exhausted, bored with life and resentful. ANYONE? Where the Cherished Self is compassionate with others, vibrant, feels connected to life, and contributes their unique part.

Do you have the energy to be the kind of person you want to be? When we are exhausted we don’t act from our highest self. Exhaustion makes it easy for the dark side to show its head. Everywhere you look, this message that self care is important is coming across and we hear it, but I don’t think we are listening. We usually listen after a disaster or a health problem.

"When one is pretending, the entire body revolts." Anais Nin

Self Care

Take time to write the responses to these questions:

How do you care for yourself?

How do you acknowledge and validate yourself?

What activities give you renewed energy, hope and/or calm you?

What activities drain you of energy of knock you off balance?

What brings you joy? Or if you can’t think of anything what used to bring you joy?

Make a list of ways that you might care for yourself better and put joy as a center point of your life. Brainstorm many possibilities; don’t worry right now about whether they are realistic.

My List:

-I spend some quiet time alone each day, even if it is for only a short time

-I recharge my batteries daily. What simple things can you do? Breathe, take a short walk, eat a healthy snack, etc

-I have one focused, connected, and meaningful conversation per day. It can give you lots of energy

-I spend "real" time with family and friends

Now, go do something from your YOU list every day!

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