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It's been a monumental month here at Delivering Happiness! We've introduced some awesome t-shirts, met some seriously inspirational people, and we now have over 20,000 Facebook followers. 20,000! Wow. Community is what makes this movement thrive; without all of you, we wouldn't exist. We love to hear what happiness seekers have to say, and we're thankful for each and every one of your voices. We asked the members of our community what moved them to join in; here are some of their reasons:

We all really only have one choice to make each day--To be happy or not. Everything else we do is effected by this choice. It's a big deal. -Sherry Beck

The power of a positive thought moves mountains. And it's here forever with the branch it puts out in people's lives. It's the only way to real permanence, is to put something out there that changes peoples lives, whether it's a product, device, or simple random act of kindness, like holding open a door. It just keeps on giving and is a universal truth. -Jennifer Bartels

Today, I'm happy because I got VIP status! And it's almost 85 outside in October in Chicago! -Ashley Williams Richardson

Because a smile on someones face is better than a frown! No matter the reason, we should try to smile! Because i trully believe everyone one of us is blessed in one way or the other. :) -Joe Hall

Why am I a member? Because on those few and far between mornings when I swing my legs out of bed and my feet hit the floor and I'm for whatever reason feeling unamazing, uninspired and even considering the possibility of being's a short walk to find almost 20,000 people who nudge me in a positive direction. Truth be told, you guys aren't that subtle or subdued, so it's more of a whack upside the head than a nudge. In either case, thank you. :) -David Sharp

David, we're honored to be able to give you and everyone else a whack upside the head (a whack of happiness, of course!), and we thank all of our supporters for their open minds and inspiration each day!

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