The Friendliest Bar in Austin?

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How SIX Lounge turned its culture around to help it stay in the game

John Korioth, owner of SIX in Austin, TX
John Korioth, owner of SIX in Austin, TX

John Korioth and his business partner Chris opened their bar, SIX, in Austin, Texas, in 2005. As the cool new kids on the block, their first two years in business were solid, and people in town loved them. But as John says, "The deciding factor in the bar business is, how do they love you after two years." The two-year mark is where many bars fail and have to shut down and totally reinvent themselves. Or at least they think they do."


Please read through John's story to see how, over the course of six months after turning to Delivering Happiness' philosophies on customer service and company culture, the two business partners figured out how to develop a great culture that fits their company, made their employees happier and saved their business from facing the same fate of their competitors. Read the SIX story


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