The Older You Get, the Happier You Are?

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President Obama with daughter Sasha

It's often implied that life starts to go downhill after a certain age. Well, sheesh! That's nothing to look forward to. Luckily, researchers are finding that after 50, people actually start to have a better time and find themselves happier as a result. Whew!

A handful of studies haven't been totally conclusive as to why this phenomenon is occurring, but Laura Carstensen, psychology professor at Stanford, has a theory: "When time horizons are relatively short, people prioritize emotionally meaningful goals."

Framed around the 50th birthday of President Obama, the folks at Slate have some more details about exactly when this shift in thinking occurs (turns out that it varies from country to country, with 45 marking the average pivot point amongst Americans and Europeans) and what it might mean for our society.

If you want proof that there are great times in your future, look no further than Twitter! For some wisdom and hilarious quips from a "92-years-young" powerhouse, follow @QuiltingMuriel. She's amazing!

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