The Zappos All-Hands Meeting November 2011

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See the ultimate in business transparency by catching this broadcast of the November Zappos All-Hands Meeting (timestamp 14:15).  Among the many highlights: wish fairies, ZFrogs, holiday helpers, and our own Jenn Lim!

Fast track to Jenn (timestamp 1:03:02) and learn how the Delivering Happiness book and bus tour grew a company.  If you think happiness as a business and life model can only work for Zappos, don't miss the interview with the Tenderloin Housing Clinic (1:16.11) whose employees believe a thriving company culture can make happy work in even the most challenging circumstances.

You'll find more guest speakers (Jonathan Haidt, author of The Happiness Hypothesis; Joseph Michelli, author of The Zappos Experience) and coverage of company culture in Part II and Part III.

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