There Must Be Something (Happy) In The Water

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Happiness has three facets: pleasure, engagement and meaning. Research has shown that meaning found through feeling like a part of something bigger than yourself is the longest-sustained form.

During the Delivering Happiness "Inspire and be Inspired" Bus Tour, our team was honored to stop by charity: water, a non-profit organization with a company culture focused on meaning. charity: water brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Although the organization is only a few years old, its employee count has grown almost as quickly as its impact around the world. In spite of the rapid change, the organization's goals and core values have not wavered. Rod Arnold, COO at charity: water, explains the company's focus is on the solution, not the problem.

Research shows companies with a higher purpose generate higher profits in the long-run, so it's no surprise charity: water has gained funding and support with help from celebrities including Adam Lambert and Will and Jada Smith.

To find out how you can help charity: water deliver happiness through clean, safe drinking water, visit their website, and to watch the video of our team's visit, click here.


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