To Solve a Problem, First Find its Source

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If you want to solve a problem, go to the source… We know, we’ve heard that before. No argument. Right?

Is that really what we do though? Often, it’s faster and easier to solve the symptoms. The symptoms are what we actually see and feel, so those must be the problem, right? Symptomatic solutions are everywhere, already built for us, and available to apply and see immediate results, which is gratifying!

Can you really blame us?

This superficial approach to problem solving saturates media and is thrown at us from childhood. It’s so deeply ingrained that it’s become our own conventional wisdom.

Are you overweight? Here’s a fad diet! Just try Paleo/Atkins/South Beach, and you’ll be skinny in no time! Hate your job? Just find a new one. Anxious or having trouble sleeping? We’ve got you covered, there’s totally a pill for that.

All of these approaches work, and our problems seem to go away. Temporarily. 

Here’s the thing…

If we only ever deal with the symptoms of our problems, that’s the only thing we’ll ever solve, and the solutions will always be temporary.

Do you know anyone who’s lost weight, only to gain it back? Or who is unintentionally dependent on sleeping pills? (Not to mention now suffering from some of their inconvenient side effects?)

Unhappy at work? Get a new job! Right?

Hey, you could get lucky. That might solve the problem.

If you’re truly looking for sustainable happiness at work, we think it makes more sense to go to the source. First, try to understand what will truly make you happy, then seek a lasting solution aligned with that goal. You might still need to find a new job, but you’ll be more informed, and looking for a new position that will address the root of the problem, not the symptom.  In this case, a happier experience of work, and perhaps a better/different company culture, which we know is strongly linked to your personal happiness and your success at work, which we know leads to better relationships, and, well, you get the idea of the ripple effect you’re creating.

That’s what we do at Delivering Happiness!

We work with individuals and companies to educate them on what lasting happiness means for them, and then how to build a lifestyle or culture that can support and sustain happiness. We start where it all begins, with the science of happiness.

A Practical Example…

I sometimes get lonely working from home all the time, and find that challenging projects can quickly become daunting when in that state. I COULD give my mental state a quick boost with with ice cream! But, as I plump up and have increasing trouble squeezing into my jeans, I would realize I had fallen for the quick fix. We all do it, because it’s just that simple.

After years of buying too many new pairs of jeans, it’s my passion to be part of a lasting solution. Now, how can I help you, or your organization, today?

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