Tony Talks Delivering Happiness at Google

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You won't have to run the gauntlet of Google's notoriously challenging recruitment process to watch the talk that Tony delivered to Google employees at one of Google's Leading@Google session earlier this week.

As a member of the Delivering Happiness team, I've heard this presentation in various forms more than a few times but I always end up watching through the entire thing every time.

John Korioth, a contributor to our Get Inspired series featuring stories on how individuals and entrepreneurs are delivering happiness in their own lives and organizations, quoted the old saying that  “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

As a new small business owner, I think that captures part of the reason why for me, the Tony/Zappos/Delivering Happiness story never gets old. As my own business starts to take shape, I become aware of new challenges and things to think about that either haven't yet occurred to me or that I've set aside to "deal with later". So listening through these simple yet consequential principles at different stages in my business life cycle has been really helpful and thought-provoking. You may think so too, so please enjoy!

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