Vegas Seven: From Henderson With Love

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Vegas Seven puts a spotlight on Delivering Happiness in Issue 18 of their magazine, and asks Tony to talk more about his business philosophy in their "Seven Questions" series. Check it out!

"From Henderson With Love", an excerpt:
Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh changed modern American corporate culture. Now, after re-writing the rules of how to do business (and how to treat employees), he has written a book about it.

On June 7, Hsieh releases his chronicle, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose (Grand Central Publishing). In the book he recounts how he has been affected by everything from online poker to Red Bull, and how he applied all of it to business and life. He tells the story of how he founded his first successful company, LinkExchange (which he sold to Microsoft in 1999 for $265 million), and how he started fresh with Henderson-based Zappos. read the full article »

"Seven Questions", an excerpt:
What inspired you to write a book?

Part of the point of the book was spreading this idea that you don’t have to choose between profits and making customers happy or making employees happy, you can actually have it all. Maybe it was different 50 years ago, but now we’re living in this Internet world where everyone is hyper-connected and information travels quickly. There actually is a way to make employees happy and make customers happy and make investors happy through profits. I think that was the point of the book, to hopefully inspire other companies to take that approach instead of feeling like they have to choose. read the full article »

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