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leah postA customer is more than just a successful transaction. Customers represent an exercise in trust. He or she believes that by interacting with your business, it will be a pleasant experience that will not be promptly regretted.

It is up to the business to justify that trust. A business or store should make it a goal to allow the interaction to be positive from beginning to end. The “end” might not be the simple purchase of a product at a store. Instead, the customer may consider the “end” an interaction with customer service representatives when a sale doesn’t go as planned.

Some businesses have truly atrocious customer service, which breaks the trust of customers resulting in a loss of business. Here are four steps that you can take to greatly improve your customer service.

Go Above And Beyond to Make Customers Happy

Never believe that customer service means sticking to the bare minimum of company requirements to answer customer concerns or deal with disappointing transactions.

If a customer has been disappointed by a product, offer to not only replace the item but a discount on future purchases.

It is those businesses that give the most when dealing with customers that will see the best world of mouth provided by patrons.

Be Knowledgeable Of Your Products and Services

If a person went to a rehab center seeking information about drugs and drug treatment and no one could provide them with clear information, how much confidence would that individual have about that establishment’s ability to aid them? Not much.

A store owner and the employees should know where various items can be located. They should also have an idea what products are available, if certain goods are to be restocked, etc.

Make Customers Feel Valued At All Stages Of Interactions

Remember: No customers equals no income, which in turn equals no business! It is unfortunately a common misconception that customers no longer matter once they’ve made their purchases, and the focus shifts to maintaining the money they’ve spent.

Make sure that customers are cared for and if they are unsatisfied by a purchase, continue to be professional and courteous in your dealings with them.

Always LISTEN to Customer Feedback!

Mark Sansborn wrote “The Fred Factor”, a book based on a man named Fred who was dedicated to going above and beyond to make customers happy. People like Fred care about customers. They listen to customers. They care about customers enough to listen to them and then apply the feedback to improving customer service!

NEVER let ego and a rigid sense of protocol get in the way of making your company or store more attractive to customers.

Instead, always ask customers what tips they have to make your service better. You may be surprised by the wonderful ideas they choose share with your business.

Customers will return again and again to establishments where they feel wanted and where they know they will be respected and aren’t made to feel like “a bother”. This negative attitude will no more than drive away business; it can be the beginning of the end of your company.

Be sure that your customer service is always seeking to improve the experiences and opinions of shoppers!

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Leah-color2Leah Rutherford is a freelance writer based in the Chicago area. She is interested in career development and entrepreneurship. She also writes about social media and the job search, which you can read more about on her blog, JetFeeds.

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