Who is DH? Meet Fadhly Bey

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Fadhly Bey, Chief Pixelator

Meet Fadhly Bey, our Chief Pixelator.

His background. I was born and raised in Bern/Switzerland. Now I live in San Francisco. I studied Industrial Design at the Art Center College of Design in Montreux/Switzerland and Pasadena/USA. I have always been drawn to the act of creation.

My last position was Creative Director at Zoe Design, an award winning Industrial Design consultancy. Some of our clients were TiVo, Samsung, Siemens, Nokia, Motorola. I was also the Creative Director for Haamonii.

What he does at DH. I help with design, graphics, branding and product development. This year my focus will be on the DH shop, developing and expanding sales, both retail and wholesale. I also take on special projects like design of the DH airstream, DH hotel rooms, DH comic book, DH Jet. I also work with Jenn Lim on continued refinement of the DH experience and defining what our core competency is.

How working at DH bring happiness to him. Being able to work on things I am passionate about that touch people while having fun with friends.  I have always been a very happy go lucky guy, but I feel I am more conscious of being happy now.

On design and other important things: What I love about design is to be able to touch people and create a great experience for anybody who gets in touch with my work. Hopefully it will be a positive one and create a smile, a curious poke, a thought. I want all our designs to elicit positive emotions. Still amazing to me is how we get strong emotional reactions with well designed products. It was so cool to hear people at the Zappos.com Marathon say: "I looooooove this shirt! I have to have this shirt!"

Fadh on the water.

Other things beyond design that are important to me are friends and family, kitesurfing, driving fast/racing cars. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie, love to get high on it. :) In the end it goes back to emotion; I want to lead a life with lots of amazing experiences and emotions.

I also love art, be it painting, sculptures, street art, graffiti. And architecture, well designed spaces that make you feel at home and at peace. And oh, I looooove chocolate (can't escape it in Switzerland...).

Fadh sketching atop the Champs-Élysées

Something in childhood that said, "Future Chief Pixelator?" Hmmm, always liked to create things, building, drawing. Before buying something, I'd want to try to build it. I built my first snowboard, shaped a surfboard.

A happy childhood memory: Going up to the snow with my dad, making chocolate truffles with mom. Building model airplanes with dad, starting in the evening, then he'd send me to bed and the plane would be done in the morning . . . :)

A happy place: On the water.

Something weird that brings him happiness: I like seeing patterns and alignments in nature.

Happy movie picks: Pixar movies -- Finding Nemo, Up,  Wall-e.

Happy song choice: Happy People by R. Kelly.

If there's one thing he could change in the world to make it a happier place . . .  I wish everybody would laugh more, life is fun!

What Sandi, DH Culture Ops Diva, says about Fadh: Fadh is the type of person that everyone wants to be around. He's intelligent, fun, super talented and always smiling!  Fadh has made me feel a part of the DH team even before I was an official part of the team; his genuine big heart is amazing!  I am looking forward to many more years of seeing Fadh's unique creations for our merchandise and our DH experiences .  . . the Airstream is going to be awesome thanks to Fadh's magic touch!


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