Why do I Feel Alone With 500 Facebook Friends| The Importance of Connecting in Real Life.

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How many friends do you have?  I mean, really? Are you so busy sending pictures of the event you are at that you completely ignore the people who came there to spend time with you? Do you and your family have dinner together or out at a restaurant, and everyone is texting someone else? Are you really connected to others? If not, begin to consider your life with phones, blackberries, iPods, Facebook, and constant texting and ask yourself, "how do I really cultivate conscious, effective relationships?"


Nowadays, people never unplug. We are all constantly connected to never-ending emails, texts, and calls. The result is most read their messages and do not respond or pledge to answer them later and rarely get back to answer. These trends mean more messages and less actual communication with connection.  People want to be heard, to be essential, and to be valued. All this hit-and-miss communication leaves us feeling unheard and unimportant. I believe this is eroding our personal and professional relationships which impact our happiness. 


We all must establish a method to manage our communications, answer critical work emails and make time to actually talk face-to-face with our friends, family, and key people in our lives.


Why are people less connected after all these recent technological breakthroughs? 

  • People have a tendency to be in constant anticipation of their next call or text instead of focusing on people already communicating with them or even sitting in front of them face-to-face.
  • People are losing the art of conversation.
  • People are more comfortable texting someone, instead of talking and overcoming potential conflict.
  • People can not turn off their phones during dinner, a movie, or while driving.

What can I do?

  • Be present with your friends, who are with you now!
  • Make time to meet with friends and disconnect.
  • Write and send a snail mail hand-written card! With a photo stamp!
  • Periodically check for critical messages during the weekend, but do not get sucked into working from your phone.
  • Establish family time and rituals with no iPhones, Ipads, texting, or Facebook.
  • Challenging life communications should always be delivered in person or at least with a conversation.
  • Consider:  If you wouldn’t say it in person, why would you Facebook, email, or text it?
  • Make a play date with a friend!

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