Everyday Happiness: Overcoming Your Winter Blues with a Punch of Color

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Our Everyday Happiness feature stories are about how the search for happiness has shaped who we are and how we live. This series is open not only to regular Delivering Happiness contributors, but to guest posters from the Delivering Happiness movement, Very Happy People, and… you. If you are interested in telling us about how happiness works in your life, please contact our Creativity Curator: lindsay@deliveringhappiness.com.

You know when that perfect summer anthem comes over the speakers in your car and you feel the need to roll the windows down and crank it as loud as it will go? It's as if in that moment you feel almost invincible, like everything around you is perfect. That's the way I feel when I'm overflowing with color and accessories, a big scarf around my neck, and a brand new pair of shoes on my feet.

I spent the last two years living in New York City and as a Florida native, I found it to be quite the adjustment. I knew this was the city where dreams come true... but it’s also the gloomiest, coldest place in the world for at least six months out of the year. Or, that’s how it felt to me after the rush of that first huge winter snowstorm wore off. I found that it was hard to feel happy when 3/4 of my body was wrapped under a parka. Even my mouth was covered with a scarf so in that rare instance that I felt like smiling, I couldn't even do that.

After suffering through another frigid New York winter, all I wanted to do was to bring some color and happiness back into my life. It was Cinco de Mayo and I know you're thinking that typically means margaritas, sombreros, and sunshine, that’s what it had always meant to me too! Well it was a fiercely cold, gray day (as usual) and I felt absolutely desperate to sport my favorite neon orange summer dress. I thought the bright color and the cool, breezy fabric would be just the thing to pull me into a springy state of mind. Well, guess what? It absolutely did. I didn't care that I had constant goose bumps or that my knees were numb by the end of the night, the simple act of wearing a bright color while everything else around me was gray really did turn my mood around.

Personally, I believe that fashion is much more than just the clothing on your body. It's the way you identify yourself and stand apart in a world where everyone seems to be just the same. The way you feel about your appearance really does play a big role in your attitude. So the next time you're feeling down or stuck in a rut, try throwing on a great pair of heels or your favorite bright colored tee. And if that doesn't work, take a trip to the Sunshine State and join me on the beach for some fun in the sun!

About Jen

Jen is a sassy 24-year-old living in sunny Florida after spending two years in the Big Apple. She loves reality TV, French macaroons, her two cats, and Instagramming food pictures.

You can follow Jen on Twitter @JenBunnyy or read more about her life on her blog at http://lifeisaredcarpet.tumblr.com/.

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