Workplace Happiness Advice from our Facebook Fans!

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We asked, you answered!

Over on the Delivering Happiness Facebook page, we like to find out what happy people are thinking about a bunch of different topics. Last week the big question was: "What is one piece of advice you'd give someone for happiness in the workplace?" We got so many amazing responses from community members that we just had to share a few of our faves. Here they are!

  • Always plan a little FUN into your workday! -Janelle Gibson
  • Do what is right even when you know no one else will know. -Michelle Waters
  • First, understand your values. Second, choose work, employers, or teams that either share or let you live those values. Third, make sure your work gives you routes to you Mastery, Autonomy & Purpose. -Haider Imam
  • Work like you don't need the money. -Jill McCorkel
  • Do something nice anonymously for a co-worker. It will lift your spirits, and cause them to look around wondering who cared enough to put a smile on their face. The positive energy can help lift the mood of the whole office and you'll hear comments like "wow, everyone is so nice today!" -Michael Roberts

  • Step away from your desk and go for a walk. Give yourself time to breathe multiple times a day. -Steven Nagy
  • Don't gossip and be mindful of others. -Elizabeth Michelle Elrod
  • Focus on delivering exceptional customer service (a customer being anyone that your work directly affects) to all and the good it does and you will develop a sense of happiness knowing you are doing the right thing and your attitude is having a positive affect on people. -James Krysak
  • Listen more and talk less! -Gena McDonald
  • Find opportunities to give sincere, relevant compliments! You never know what nice words will help someone who's feeling a little down-n-out that day. Try it! -Darrin Caldwell

To see the 30+ other awesome responses, become a fan of Delivering Happiness on Facebook and get in on the conversation yourself!


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