Build & Maintain a Strong Reputation that Will Attract Great Talent

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The company's success depends on the strengths of its employees. The people you welcome to your company are the people that can help you rise to the top. That's why employing great talent is the foundation for a company's success.

Incredibly talented, ambitious, and competent workers are a dream come true for all employers. To gain the attention of such talent and evoke their desire to be your employee, you need a strong reputation. Companies with a strong reputation see 50% more qualified applicants and take 1-2x faster to hire.


The company's reputation can be the determining factor for a job searcher. Especially a top talent who can go to any company he or she pleases. 

Did you know that 92% of people would consider changing jobs if offered a role with a company with an excellent corporate reputation? That's how impactful a good reputation is.


You don't have to be the number one company in your industry to recruit top talent. However, you do need a reputation that will make those talented individuals think, "this is the company I want to be a part of." If you want to build and maintain a reputation that will lead top talent to your company's doors, here's what you can do. 


Establish Your Online Presence


According to LinkedIn, 75% of candidates will research a company's reputation before applying for a job opening. If a candidate is to research your company, what would they come across? How round-up and presentable is your online presence? 


In the world that runs on the internet, you need to be aware that great talent will consider your online presence. If you have a poor website, no social media accounts, and overall poor online presence, the job searchers will quickly move on. Thus, review your online brand representation and make necessary changes. You can even hire the best research paper service to perfect your content. 


Turn Employees into Your Brand Advocates


Employees can act as your brand influencers. Their voice can influence top talents to join your company. You just need to think of a creative way to turn your employees into brand advocates. Squarespace provides us with a great example. The company shared employee testimonials in an engaging "Meet Squarespace" video. The employees shared why they love working for Squarespace. Moreover, the video also features scenes of employees' workday in the company. 


Be Active on Social Media


Social media is a great place to present your company in a less formal way. You can share behind-the-scenes and real-life content about your company culture.

Moreover, you can casually and non-aggressively reveal what makes your company unique. Get job searchers a sneak-peak into your workplace and show [don't just tell] what makes you the perfect employer. 


For example, you can share on Instagram pictures from a fun company event, post on Twitter anecdotes from your team-building trip, and so on. Humanize your company through social media and show the unique spirit of your workplace. 


Emphasize the Benefits of Working in Your Company


If you want to make an attractive "Careers" or "Meet the Team" page, you should include the benefits and perks of working in your company. This can turn your website into a talent attraction magnet.


According to Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey, 60% of people report that benefits and perks are a major factor in considering whether to accept a job offer. These same benefits and perks can entice top talent to send you their CV/resume. If you aren't sure which benefits you should mention, the previously mentioned Glassdoor survey shared research results on the most wanted benefits:

  • Healthcare insurance [medical, dental]: 40%
  • Vacation/Paid time off: 37%
  • Performance bonus: 35%
  • Paid sick days: 32%
  • 401(k) plan, retirement plan, and/or pension: 31%
  • Flexible schedule [work from home]: 30%
  • Office perks [free lunch, casual dress]: 19%
If you need help presenting the benefits of your company's workplace, check paper writing service review and pick a writing company that can help you create such content. Make sure that the "Careers" page is well-written and captivating enough to attract great talent. 


Monitor & React to Employee Reviews


Employee reviews can be a source of valuable intel for job searchers. Just as customers turn to product reviews before purchasing, job candidates look for company reviews. Keep track and be active on employee review sites. There's no need for panic if some employees have left a negative review. This is quite common as former employees sometimes tend to vent on employee review sites. 


The important thing is that you respond to these employee reviews. Show consideration for both your current and former employees. Addressing negative reviews will allow you to eliminate potential misrepresentation of your company. On the other hand, responding to positive comments will present you as caring. 


Wrapping Up


Branding isn't only useful for attracting customers. It can also give you an advantage for attracting great talent. A trustworthy company name and spotless reputation are what every candidate wants in an employer. Take the aforementioned tips into consideration and build a company name that anyone would be proud to work for. 


The best way to build & maintain a strong reputation is by investing in your organization's culture. DH offers virtual & on site solutions to help you create a workplace culture that not only attracts new talent but will give them reasons to stay long-term.  

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