Coaches’ Tips: Getting Your Company Onboard With Employee Happiness

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Coaches Tips Sunny Grosso Getting Onboard With  Employee Happiness Engagement

Everyone in the world knows what happiness feels like, and with the Science of Happiness, we can also create ways of measuring and determining how to create it. Watch this Coaches' Tips video from our Culture Chief Sunny on how measuring the culture of your workplace can help you in creating more employee happiness for the highest level of engagement:




Here's a quick breakdown of the video: 


Measuring culture communicates commitment

When you put metrics to your culture initiatives, it gets the attention of decision-makers and leaders who are expecting to see results. When it comes to business, people always want to make an investment that pays off. To say that investing X amount of dollars will produce intangible happiness is not something that will fly in most budget meetings. People want to know how their money is moving the needle! When you make a case for happiness using metrics that connect to productivity, sales, retention, and customer experience, the conversation begins to flow in the right direction.

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Happy employees are ultra-engaged

We know that happy employees who feel connected to their business by values and purpose are the most engaged employees. Why? Because they’ve developed a long-term drive led by intrinsic motivation. Their motivation isn’t as fleeting as the motivation to get the next bonus or the next promotion - it’s more consistent and comes from the individual’s sense of purpose and can result in organizations making up to 400 percent more on return.


Most noticeably, performance changes can be observed when you have a happier workplace culture. In this Coaches’ Tips video, Sunny notes that ‘happy’ is a term that can apply to the ultra or most engaged employees. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • When you’re happy at work, how would you describe how you approach your work and your coworkers? Think of 3-4 words.
  • When you’re unhappy, upset, or burned out at work, does your approach change? How so?
  • People can still be productive on bad days, but would your performance be more consistent if you felt happy more often?

The Delivering Happiness Index [DHi]

The DHI was created to measure employee happiness and to recognize the strengths and gaps in an organization’s culture that influence it [take the free, individual survey here]. Unlike any surveys out now, the DHI ties in our proven methodology and the Science of Happiness principles that we’ve applied to clients all around the world [including Zappos]. Instead of just learning how well your culture fulfills these elements of happiness, you’ll get to discover the WHY behind those numbers.


Does your organization need to revisit the way you measure employee engagement or happiness? Start by taking the individual DHI survey for free!

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