Company Nearly Doubles Revenue & Gains a 50% Higher Retention Rate

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Driven by innovation, DMG | Mountain View is among Egypt’s leading
private property development companies. Pioneers in modern technological advancements in real estate, the company has developed world
class residences and resorts across prime locations including East and
West Cairo, the Red Sea Coast and the North Coast.

The Challenge


DMG leaders wanted to prioritize employee happiness, employee engagement, and embed values in the company that could be lived and supported by the entire organization.


Their core values and higher purpose of “Together for a Better Life” were backed by leadership. Still, the real challenge was aligning and embedding those components into the culture so they could be genuinely lived and supported by the rest of the organization. 


"And to build the future, you need to focus on a strategy to grow. The companies who put their people first and are culture-driven will be the ones to thrive long after Coronavirus." -Rasha El Gamal, Vice President of HR & Culture.


DH Solution


Rasha El Gamal, Vice President of HR & Culture, co-created a world-class culture development program called iDMG, along with Delivering Happiness coach|sulting® Shereen Eltobgy and Javier Munoz Mendoza


Over 9 months, Shereen and Javiar delivered tailored workshops, culture team development, and coach support. They trained a group of Champions to model key behaviors and certified an internal team of 10 facilitators to roll out the program. 


They embedded their values and purpose into the very design of their building! DMG's innovative design would help employees actually live their company

values through behaviors.


Success, Growth & Accolades


What did a culture transformation give to DMG? After working with DH, their revenue nearly doubled. Retention increased by 50%, and they experienced a 40% less absenteeism. The crowning achievement: DMG was the 1st company in the Middle East to be a certified Top Employer in 2019. 


DMG continued to take things to the next level! They wanted to share their happiness mission with organizations in the Middle East, so they became certified partners with Delivering Happiness, and DH Egypt was born. 


DMG's culture interventions allowed them to avoid layoffs, launch new projects, and meet all of their goals while working 100% remotely in the wake of a global pandemic. They attribute their success to the strong cultural foundation that places their people in the center. 


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