How Connecting in the Workplace is the Key to Success

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I recently attended a tele-program on implementing The Practice of Working For Good with Jeff Klein.  Jeff skillfully lead each session, beginning and ending with experiences of connection with our self and then with others.  Then, we observed how we moved through our day and what changes this new way of thinking had brought about. 

This program has caused me to be much more aware of my affect and impact on others as I go through my day and in my work.  I believe that effective relationships are essential to being successful.  I asked Jeff to share a tool for connection with us.

Jeff Klein, Author: It’s Just Good Business

Social psychology and even neurobiology indicate that “half (or more) of who we are is other people.” As social animals, we are informed, even formed, by other people. How we act and who we are changes based on who we are with and how we respond to others. Recognizing the effect others have on us and the effect we have on others is essential to elevating our functioning in business and at work.

Reflection on Connection

Sit or stand in a comfortable position. If you’d like, close your eyes. Be aware of your feet on the floor. Notice the quality of your breath. Take a few deep, purposeful breaths, and as you exhale allow your shoulders to drop.

Now envision yourself moving through your day and encountering people you work with.

First picture yourself connecting with someone who you enjoy being around. Notice the ease of connection that you have with that person. Next, visualize that you encounter someone who is difficult or challenging.  Observe your physical reaction in each scenario. Do you tighten up around the antagonizing individual and relax around your friend? 

After you're done, take the time to reflect on your experience. Recognizing how your body reacts can indicate how you relate to others, and the effect they have on you. And note how your awareness can support you to shift your experience.

We practice our physical skills for sports.  We practice our presentation skills for an important talk  What if we made effective communicate skills a practice?  I believe our homes, schools and workplaces would be more successful on all counts!  Your assignment is to do this practice every morning for a week.  Reflect on what you learn and fine tune your ability to communicate as you go.  Ready, Set, Connect!

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