Course: The Humor Advantage with Paul Osincup

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The Humor Advantage with Paul Osincup

When we are stressed out, burned out, or checked out, people often say, "You need to laugh it off" or "Have a sense of humor about it".


That's great, but nobody ever tells us HOW to do that.


In this on-demand course with Humor Strategist Paul Osincup, you'll learn evidence-based strategies for developing your sense of humor into an intentional mindfulness tool to reduce stress and boost your well-being and productivity.


"That sounds great, but I'm not that funny..."


Well, you're either humble or self-aware, which are both more important than being funny.


You don't have to be funny — we'll teach you.


Using a combination of proven strategies & research from positive psychology, neuroscience, improv, and stand-up comedy, The Humor Advantage will leave you with numerous actionable ways to start using your own sense of humor as a mindfulness tool.


In this ON-DEMAND course, you’ll be able to:

  • Name the two competing factors that contribute to stress
  • Identify at least 10 actionable strategies to reduce stress and boost happiness using humor
  • Practice humorous intervention strategies
  • And, learn how to develop your sense of humor

Learn more about the course here.




Did you know, according to the Journal of Business Psychology, people who watched funny videos on their break were twice as productive when returning to work than those who took a break with no humor? 


Here is a clip of Paul talking about what you can expect from the course. Learn how to intentionally use our sense of humor as a mindfulness tool to enhance health, well-being, and performance!


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Here's what we asked recent students and their feedback.


Why did you choose to take this course?


"To refresh my skills in the world of humor. I know Paul and enjoy his humor style."


"I wanted to hear from the expert himself!"


"I trust the potential in humor!"


What did you enjoy the most?


"Learning new ideas and research. Cognitive re-appraisal opened my eyes. Thanks, Paul for that one."


"I loved how simple everything was explained, and actually how to de-stress through simple acts."


"It was easy to follow and it had moments of levity that enriched the entire webinar."



Jenn Lim Make Happy Work The Humor Advantage



Opening up your humor strengths will not only lower your stress but turns out it will make you a better leader too.


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