Creating Team Alignment by Clarifying Core Values

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One of the most critical drivers within any organization, business, and team is having a common purpose that everyone can work towards. A properly aligned team is much more powerful and effective than one in which every member works towards their own individual purpose. When teams are in proper alignment, the results can be seen on an organizational level, which is why every company should aspire to create an environment that is conducive to creating alignment. In this post, we will take a closer look at what we can do as a company to improve the alignment of our team.


Set the Direction 


Not having clear goals in a business is like driving a car with no firm destination in mind. By creating values and purpose and then ensuring those are communicated to all employees, the direction in which the business is being driven becomes clear to everyone. When we steer the company in the same direction, we can achieve much more in less time. Thus, the first step to creating team alignment is to make a clear roadmap that sets the direction in the business and ensures that every team member is on the same page of that map.


Clarify the Priorities 


Having values is extremely important, but values alone are not enough. Prioritizing values and adding timelines make it easier for employees to work together and ultimately achieve a positive result. However, it would be nearly impossible to improve team alignment without buy-in from all employees and get the consistently positive results we are after. By ensuring that everyone in our company understands the values, purpose, and priorities, more employees will feel a sense of inclusion, and the connection between employees and management will be stronger.


Listen to Feedback 


Regularly getting feedback from various employees is essential to success and keeping teams in alignment. We can include everyone in the process and make people feel more included by getting feedback from employees and managers. This will ultimately result in a more productive and happier workforce and a better bottom line figure.


Assist Employees to Achieve their Goals 


By helping the people around us to achieve their own purpose, we can build up a better company for all of us. When employees achieve their purpose, they feel that they have a clear position, and they are happier. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, including:


Improved Onboarding of New Employees 


Onboarding new employees and adding them to existing teams must be done with great care. It is essential that every new employee identifies with the company culture and adopts it as soon as possible. If this doesn't happen, there is a risk of creating tension within teams and undermining organizational alignment. By implementing a robust onboarding procedure that takes all of this into consideration, we can minimize the risk and maximize the productivity of every individual employee and team.


Ongoing Training 


Keeping employees engaged by offering opportunities for everyone to improve their knowledge and/or skills is a must. Providing employees with opportunities to advance their knowledge is likely to go a long way toward making people feel valued and appreciated. In addition, it creates more value for the company and improves the level of knowledge within the organization.


Provide the Right Resources 


Investing in the right resources that we can use to do our jobs more effectively is critical to creating a working environment that boosts open communication and alignment. When resources such as CRM systems, task management systems, and communication platforms operate well, they boost productivity. Still, when they are not fit for purpose, they can cause a lot of frustration.


In Conclusion 


It is easy to lose touch with the broader company values and purpose in today's fast-paced working environment. This is amplified by environmental factors such as natural disasters and pandemics, which necessitate remote working and social distancing. When we lose touch with the individual team members in our company, we quickly lose sight of common purpose as each person works to achieve their personal goals. By instead focussing on keeping the team spirit alive and working together to achieve personal and communal purpose, we can strengthen our company and keep performing well despite the circumstances around us.


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