Culture Champion Radio: Mindfulness Meditation at Work, with BlackRock's Golbie Kamarei

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Delivering Happiness presents Culture Champion Radio in conjunction with the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley [and hosted by our very own Sultan of Content, Brad Wolfe].


Listen to the full interview here!

How do you intentionally design a sustainable WOW culture in your organization and beyond? Who are the practitioners, intrapreneurs, thought leaders, and culture designers at the fore of this shift?  Who is responsible for positively shaping culture across the globe?

By instituting a mindfulness meditation program at your organization, you can dramatically reduce employee stress while simultaneously improving productivity. But  how do you design and execute a program that will be sustainable and integrate well within your organizational culture?

On Culture Champion Radio, Episode 2, we talk to Golbie Kamarei, creator of one of the most successful mindfulness meditation programs in business today. Despite working in an industry centered around data and rationality, Kamarei has brought mindfulness and meditation to Wall Street. She has successfully delivered meditation training and resources to over 1300 employees in 17 countries at BlackRock--the world's largest asset manager--and is a featured speaker at Wisdom 2.0.

In this episode, not only does she provide amazing tips on how to start a meditation program in your own organization, but at the end of the interview, she actually leads us in one of her now famous guided meditations!

Tune in with your host, Delivering Happiness' Culture Architect, Brad Wolfe, and learn how to bring your awareness to what really matters at work.

Culture Champion Radio is produced in partnership with the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley. Read more about the science behind this podcast in "5 Steps for Launching a Meditation Program at Work."

What is Culture Champion Radio?

Culture Champion Radio is a podcast series produced by                                                                                             Delivering Happiness and hosted by former Sultan of Culture_Champion_Radio_.png
Content, Brad Wolfe, in which we learn from the world’s foremost culture builders with the aim of inspiring other Culture Champions worldwide. 

Through fun and interesting conversation, Culture Champion Radio intends to elevate trailblazing culture leaders and the organizations they’ve affected to inspire a shift in the way companies think about the dynamics of positive interaction, happiness, productivity, and success.

Who are Culture Champions?

Culture Champions have created “WOW” initiatives or best practices to intentionally build a positive culture in their organization or community. They are either working as a Culture Champion explicitly as defined by their organizational role or implicitly, but with purpose.  Within an organization, Culture Champions are often founders, CEOs, or executives/managers in HR, L&D, or Community. However, a Culture Champion may hold any title.

Ready to become a culture champion at your organization? Schedule an initial consult with a member of the Delivering Happiness Team today! 


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