Culture WOW: Baystate Health uses 'Code Rocky' to recognize COVID-19 recovery, discharge

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Culture WOW: Baystate Health uses 'Code Rocky' to recognize COVID-19 recovery, discharge


We’d like to applaud one of our past clients for creating an impact and celebrating progress. The health heroes at Baystate Health play the Rocky theme song when a patient has recovered and is discharged from COVID-19. The nurses, doctors, security officers, and staff stand in the Daly Lobby and cheer as the patient leaves the hospital. They call it ‘Code Rocky’. See the video here.


Based in Springfield, Massachusetts, Baystate Health is a non-for-profit integrated health care system serving over 800,000 people throughout western New England.


This time, last year, Jenn Lim, CEO and Co-Founder of Delivering Happiness gave a keynote presentation to Baystate Health on the importance of focusing on culture in order to provide the best level of care to their patients. 


We’ve seen happiness and healthcare go hand in hand. Many healthcare providers lose touch of their original passion and purpose for why they started working in the field in the first place. Working in a highly-regulated industry and having to adapt to changes on a day to day basis can make it difficult for providers to be happy.


But what happens when you reconnect people with their purpose? What happens when you give your employees autonomy and allow them to take ownership over their role? 


“The “Code Rocky” send offs are so inspiring,” says Jennifer Faulkner, MSHC

Vice President, Team Member Experience at Baystate Health. “It was created from an idea a manager had to let everyone know their efforts were having positive outcomes, which they don’t always see so immediately. Code Rocky celebrations have many positive impacts, from giving recovered patients and their families a boost, to helping staff throughout the hospital see the good they are doing, to connecting our thousands of remote employees through this video and the alerts we get every time this happens.”


“In addition to addressing the health and safety precautions for employees to the best of our abilities, Baystate Health has put together a back-up child care partnership, pop-up grocery stores and “to go” meals for employees to purchase and take home. We are also working with an outside local organization to help employees get matched with an RV/Camper on their own property, if they can’t stay in their own homes due to relatives with underlying conditions. We have 24/7 phone counseling and other emotional support. These are a few things in place to ensure we are taking the best possible care of our healthcare heroes.”


Their impact moves us to tears. Baystate Health has successfully nailed the 4 pillars of the science of happiness:


  • A Sense of Control: Focusing on what they can control, and embracing and adapting to the things they cannot. 
  • A Sense of Progress: Celebrating milestones and achievements.
  • Meaningful Connections: Creating a sense of unity among their teams and their community. 
  • A Sense of Purpose: Being an integral part of something much bigger than themselves.


We congratulate Baystate Health on delivering a WOW customer experience!


Watch the full 4-minute keynote from Jenn Lim to Baystate Health here. 

We love highlighting organizations that go above-and-beyond for their employees in a way that impacts them on a personal level and extends outward into the way the whole company does business and performs


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Invest in a Culture of Happiness. Empower Your Team to Thrive!


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