Curaçao Airport Partners is ready for takeoff!

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Curacao Airport Partners just completed a Masterclass with Sunny Grosso and Vero Fernandez Masias


Located on the beautiful Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao, the airport connects Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. Curaçao Airport Partners aims to become one of the best airports in the Caribbean region. They are the first and last experience travelers have of the island, so it's no surprise they see the importance of aligning their internal culture with their company vision and business.


When the CAP team reached out to Delivering Happiness, they had 3 big goals in mind:


1. Develop additional business opportunities bringing revenue streams that will significantly add value to the business.


2. Have CAP become an inducer of socioeconomic and environmental development for the area and sectors of its influence.


3. Be recognized as a leader in innovative private airport systems.


DH Masterclass with Curacao Airport Partners


Back in December, our fantastic coach|sultants® Sunny Grosso and Vero Fernandez Mesias, with the support of our Happy Business Booster Jess Lozada, delivered a MAP Workshop [Measure Assess Plan] to uncover their business challenges, analyze their strengths, and plan their culture initiative.


This month, our team went back to complete Phase II. After a keynote, kickoff, union breakout, leader alignment session and Masterclass, the CAP team is supported and ready for takeoff!


Our Masterclass is experientially and scientifically designed to align your team, increase productivity, and grow your business. Studies have shown that a happy culture is seriously good for business!


51% less turnover, according to Gallup.


37% increase in sales, according to Martin Seligman, Positive Psychology Center


300% more innovation, according to Harvard Business Review


Delivering Happiness Masterclass with Curacao Airport Partners


During our time with the CAP team, their challenges became clear, and they are establishing better communication, trust, accountability, and eliminating silos and inefficiencies. Their HR team is fully engaged and they have many strengths to build upon including: positivity, hope, pride and tentative belief. [Check out the videos below!]


She says it beautifully, "I can lay bricks, I can build a wall, or.... I can build a cathedral." A successful company sees itself as a community, and begins with each individual before branching out from there. We teach this in our ME-WE-Community model. 


Delivering Happiness ME-WE-Community Model


The beautiful people of Curaçao Airport Partners now have the tools they need to

reinforce a culture of transparency , efficiency, and accountability. They are curating a culture of innovation and industry leadership.


This group has a one-way ticket to success in 2020 and beyond, and we look forward to watching their progress and seeing the results of their efforts.


Curacao Airport Partners works with Delivering Happiness on their culture initiative.


What can a DH Masterclass do for your team? 

It's time to Make Happy Work™!


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