Employee Retention: Are You Asking Your Team the Right Questions?

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Employee Retention: Are You Asking Your Team the Right Questions?


A tight labor market triggers businesses to retain in-house talent, but how do you keep your employees happy? We believe this varies not only from one company culture to another but also from team to team, and from individual to individual.


The best way to gauge employee satisfaction, and hence employee retention, is by asking directly. Smart, engaging questions that give you clear insights into the needs and wishes of your team.


Why is it important to ask questions?

First of all, because interaction with your employees makes them feel more engaged. It shows that you care about their working environment, their results, their wellbeing. Moreover, it’s in people’s nature to share their opinion with others.


As a company, you can make data-driven decisions that improve working conditions and productivity. However, it might be a time-consuming process to set up a questionnaire to gather the data you need, and convert these data into valuable feedback for you and your employees.


Surveys or assessments?

Depending on your action plan, you’ll want to learn about either

  • How your employees feel

If you want to know whether your team is motivated, bored, stressed, … a survey can bring solace. It will give you and your organization an overview on which you can base your future policy.

  • How your employees perform

If you want to measure your team’s performance, it can be useful to assess your employees: in an assessment, you can gauge their communication skills, level of efficiency, ability to work together with others. Based on the results, you can decide which trainings are needed to grow your business, together with a competent team.


How do you organize employee assessments or surveys?


You can automate employee feedback through the use of an online application that enables you to structure your questions the way you see it, and visualize the results in customized reports, tailored to the reader [being you, the employee, a team lead, etc].


Based on these feedback reports you can start up conversations with your team, discuss the results and make recommendations for education or training, organizational shifts, team-building events, and so forth.


Active interaction and engagement improve the wellbeing and happiness of your employees, resulting in higher retention and higher productivity in your company.


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