How to Boost Productivity by Jenn Lim [FREE EBOOK]

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What are your company’s goals this year? Is it to be profitable, to scale, or to increase employee engagement? Well, we have a new [& free] resource that might be helpful in reaching those goals and in setting the foundation for a happier company culture. Say hello to
How to Boost Productivity!

This resource includes activities for yourself AND for your team. Some of these activities are used in our most popular workshops, our masterclass, and others were specially modeled for this ebook experience. You’ll be able to see the short-term impact of our happiness model and how it can tie into the bigger picture of creating happier and more productive employees.


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Our very own CEO Jenn Lim wrote this ebook with the support of our team, and we’re so excited for you to read it! Here’s an excerpt from the intro:

In this ebook, I’ll be breaking down how the three levers of happinessprogress, control, and connectedness — can help redirect your culture to be more profitable and sustainable over time. I’ll also be giving you some exercises and tips to bring back to your teams. I’d love to hear how they work for you and your company.

Another part from Jenn we love:

If employees are expected to go above-and-beyond in their jobs, they also need to do that for one another. It’s not just about company perks like happy hours and ping-pong tables, it’s about doing the work to foster PECs [personal, emotional connections] every day.

It also has some research-backed statistics and findings that you'll find helpful in evaluating how much your company could benefit from an improved culture. 


This year, is your company ready to increase productivity and profits

in a sustainable way?  

HOW TO BOOST PRODUCTIVITY [download our ebook] 


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