Delivering Happiness + Happiitude: Join us in Mumbai this December

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Delivering Happiness is on the way to India!

Our coaches are excited to help business leaders across India apply the science of happiness to their own business models of profits, passion, and purpose. To guide us through the business landscape in India, we have partnered with Happiitude, the region's architects for the Happiness Blueprint

Happiitude has designed a systematic process that measures happiness on an individual and organizational level so companies can better assess how to improve workplace happiness. Needless to say, we love their mission and are very excited about the road ahead. Happiitude and DH are kicking off this partnership with an immersive 3-day culture bootcamp in Mumbai. Come join us!



The Workplace Happiness Bootcamp

From December 14-16, coaches Sunny Grosso and Veronica Fernandez Macias will lead a 3-day experiential bootcamp with Happiitude. By the end of this immersive workshop, attendees will have set the foundations for their company culture, designed their culture roadmap, and created an action plan for implementation. Together, we can make happiness work as a sustainable business model for your company's culture. Read on to learn more about our superstar coach-sultants and our workshop agenda with Happiitude.  

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The three days will be segmented by the key components and steps utilized to create happiness as a business model. They are Foundations of Happiness at Work, Applying the Science of Happiness, and Designing Your Culture Roadmap. Read the details below for a breakdown of subject matter for each day:

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