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These last few months have been full of adventure! From meeting up with our clients to hear their stories about working with DH to traveling to Tokyo (and Mumbai) culture bootcamp, our team has been busy – but our hearts have been full from the connections we’ve made. We want to share with you some of the highlights and WOW moments from our team.

Evaluating Employee Happiness with Happiitude


“It is not every day that one gets a chance to unwind and find out who they are and what’s their purpose.”

Pritam Hasabnis, bootcamp attendee [and awesome person]


Coachsultants Sunny and Vero returned to Mumbai for another workplace culture bootcamp. Every time we come back to Mumbai, it just gets better and better! The people who attended were of all different business roles and backgrounds – HR directors, managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and more. From sharing gratitude through gratitude cards to finding out ways to create connectedness, our bootcamp participants left with the tools and confidence to build their transformed company culture To get a full insider look from one of our attendees, click here.


We even celebrated the end of the bootcamp with cake and cheers!



Speaking From the Heart at Giveness International


CEO Jenn Lim talked about workplace culture and happiness at Giveness International – a conference that invited thought leaders to speak about how we should create a joyful society in today's world. Japan’s work culture is famous for being exhausting, high pressure, and has been in the news for being detrimental to their people’s health. We weren’t sure how people would respond when learning about our happiness model and our experience in workplace culture – at the very least we thought they would be skeptical because of how much it deviates from tradition! 


Tokyo Giveness Seligman Jenn Lim Happiness


The audience embraced Jenn’s keynote and even gave her a standing ovation [which we've been told is not the norm in Japan]. Those that stayed on for the culture bootcamp absolutely loved it. A few words from Jenn on her experience:


"With all the things that Japan has endured (natural disasters, recession), it seems like there’s a real desire to get back to their roots of ikagai (“reason for being”) in work and life. We’re excited to be a partner in their journey!"

-Jenn Lim, CEO and co-founder of DH


WOW Culture and Service at National Business Capital


National Business Capital Company Culture Delivering Happiness Seeing a thriving work culture, inspired by DH, is a WOW experience of its own. I went and visited National Business Capital out in New York to see for myself! From meeting their culture champions to chatting with Joe, the company’s President and co-founder, it was easy to see how much of our happiness model was incorporated into their way of working.


The company’s values are written throughout the office, and everyone looked relaxed, professional, and were having a lot of fun.

I asked one of their culture champions to tell me one way she creates happiness at work. She said she does it through laughter:


"One of my favorite things about working here is, making my coworkers laugh. If I can make at least one of my team members laugh throughout the day, it makes my day even if it means walking the floor in my Elvis suit playing, “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog.”

-Kayla Lopez, Marketing Coordinator, National Business Capital


It was a happy Friday as we ate donuts, took photos, and chatted about culture. Stay tuned for some cool videos from our visit! 

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