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Mental health days are similar to sick days, except you’re taking a day off to tend to your mental wellness rather than only your physical health. You know those times when you just want to call out sick [and maybe have fake coughed into the phone] when you’re not? You probably want to do it because you’re tired of your job. Maybe you’re burned out, stress, or disengaged; and those three factors are good reasons to regroup and take a day off for your mental health.

The key here is not to feel guilty doing it, but being able to prioritize mental wellness in your workplace culture. Here is a quick list of the benefits you and your employees can get from taking a day off:


Destress from your work life

It’s not that your workload is the only thing that is stressful, it could be your colleagues, your office, the commute to work, etc. Those factors can compound stress and get in the way of your focus and productivity [and happiness]! If it affects you, it mostly also affects your teams. As a manager, make it a point to destress so your teams can feel comfortable to follow suit. About a 1/3 of employees feel uncomfortable taking days off, even if they need to!

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More intentional focus

It’s important to note that you’re not a robot, and neither are your employees. Every time you are going through a difficult time or a celebratory moment, those occasions are probably taking place in the lives of your employees in some way or another.

So when you’re worried all day at your desk thinking about how your mother’s health is, or reminding yourself of all the things you need to do before your anniversary party, it might be more beneficial to take some time off to focus on those things and then return to work. Your habit of multitasking creates a negative impact on your ability to learn, be attentive, and be mindful.

So why not do your workplace a favor and address what you need to pay attention to, then come back?


Refresh your connectedness at home and work

team building successful team successOne of the elements of creating happiness at work is connectedness. When you’re feeling burned out at work or stressed, you may tend to isolate yourself from growing personal emotional connections with your colleagues, friends, and family.

Connectedness is the thing that ties yourself to people and motivates you to work with them on behalf of the relationship you’ve created. Put simply, it is easier to work with team members you have a relationship with.

Taking care of yourself is a way to bring you back into a mindset that is ready to socialize and be outward focused.



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