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For most fans of DH, we are first-known for our roots in Tony Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose. Born from a book and then a movement, Delivering Happiness has grown into a coachsulting firm created to integrate and spread the science of happiness to culture-conscious organizations around the world. Through offerings like our workshops, masterclasses, coaching, and keynote speeches, there are a variety of ways we can help your workplace culture. But what have clients come away with?

We’ve compiled some insights and feedback from our audience, and would love to share it with you!


Our Workplace Happiness Bootcamp with Happiitude...

In December, we hosted a culture bootcamp alongside Happiitude in Mumbai – we even sold out! Business leaders across India, including the Minister of Happiness of Madhya Pradesh, collaborated on experiential learning sessions on core values, purpose, and culture roadmaps. Our goal for this 3-day bootcamp was to equip our attendees with the practices and resources needed to roll out a strong culture initiative for their organization. A personal insight from one of our attendees, an organizational change consultant:

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Before attending the workshop, I was struggling to figure out how we can connect employees across geographies from different cultures to [a] new organization culture. The insight about aligning organization values with [personal] values was the answer to it. Now, we’re reflecting and rethinking the entire project to align organization core values throughout.”

-Arun G. Workplace Happiness Bootcamp Attendee



From a workshop with Alamo Drafthouse...

Alamo Drafthouse’s goal in its expansion was to grow and maintain a culture that supported theirhigher purpose, but they hadn’t been able to narrow down what that purpose was. By incorporating a Higher Purpose workshop into our coachsulting with them, our coaches were able to guide leadership through the formation of the company’s higher purpose.


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 “The concept of higher purpose was non-existent, we worked robotically with our values and mission without an understanding of how that was impacting our people and profits. The Higher Purpose [workshop] session changed it.”

-Nick Vega, Director of Training of Alamo Drafthouse


Expanded from being a movie theater focused on customer service, Alamo Drafthouse’s higher purpose became to “Champion Cinephile Culture to save Cinema.” With a higher purpose and core values set in place, leadership could align their expansion more closely with the culture they desired. To learn more, download a case study on our work with Alamo Drafthouse.



Listening to keynote speeches...

Our CEO Jenn Lim and our coachsultants are traveling all around the world to speak to organizations and teams about workplace happiness, culture, and leadership. From speaking amongst happiness leaders at the World Government Summit in Dubai to a keynote for healthcare professionals at the IHI Forum, our talks are meant to inspire and integrate ideas from science-based happiness research.


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“[the presentation] was sooo great – I was buzzing! It doesn’t matter how stellar our improvement initiatives are, if our people aren’t happy, everything will be a dud. I really truly feel this is the missing link in almost everything we do, thank you again for reminding me of that. I’ve come back feeling pumped and a renewed sense of energy to tackle this.

-Celynne P. IHI Forum 2017 Attendee




Whether you want to increase productivity, reduce turnover, motivate your teams, or provide WOW customer service, our happiness model can be a resource for you. Learn more about us and the fundamentals of science-based happiness:




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