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Over the past few days, Delivering Happiness has had some great opportunities to connect with business leaders through our workshops and keynotes on ways to grow their workplace culture. As we roll further into 2018, look out for more chances to meet our CEO and coachsultants around the world! We love connecting with DH friends and fans, so feel free to keep in touch through social media too.

Happiness and Success at The Battery

Last Thursday’s sold-out session, “Building a Culture for Happiness and Positive ROI”, brought local Bay Area entrepreneurs and business professionals together to learn the fundamentals for developing a sustainable company culture. To demonstrate the value of culture and happiness, our coachsultant Sunny led attendees through studies on the ROI of happy employees. From increased retention rates to higher productivity and sales, a culture centered on core values and purpose can affect a business in more ways than one.


Speaking to Entrepreneurs and Business Owners in Texas

Yesterday, Mobiloil Credit Union welcomed CEO Jenn as a keynote speaker to their business forum in Beaumont, Texas. The event gave local business leaders the opportunity to network with one another and to learn new insights on how their business can stand out through customer experience and culture. For both big and small companies, attendees were able to see how DH’s happiness model could be integrated into their vision for a long-lasting business. We loved the feedback [feed-forward, as we like to call it] from Jenn’s keynote!


"Just wanted to say I loved how Jenn made happiness so tangible! Putting happiness into a model that can be followed made it so relatable to business and the business of people!"

- Ashley Denae, Owner of Ashley Denae Salon


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Upcoming in our World: 

This week, our DH team is gathered together in Sonoma, California for our annual All Hands Meeting! While our team works remotely, we think it’s important to keep our company culture alive and close through scheduled get-togethers [both in-person and virtually]. We’ll be discussing our goals for happiness, growth, and partnerships in 2018 and also spending some time enjoying the town and surrounding vineyards. There will be pictures and some video to come, so stay tuned!



Have an event coming up that you'd like us to speak at? Or do you have a network that would be a great audience to host a workshop for? Schedule a call with us to see how we can work together!





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