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Happiness Now SHRM 2019 Bahrain Steel BI GroupWe've got some cool new stuff that you might like! From a new article from Jenn on core values to a new video testimonial from a DH Masterclass, we also have sprinkled in some events in between! Check out where we have delivered happiness in the last month, and where we're going next. 


Where we've brought happiness: 


PEN Works 


Our CEO Jenn Lim not only spoke at PEN Works but also hosted an executive working session for leaders from the event! As a big group, they went through exercises on values in the workplace and discussed the role of values in their current company cultures. Participants got to speak more with Jenn and mingle with one another, creating a networking opportunity for new ideas and insights. 


Jenn Lim Delivering Happiness PEN Works 2019


Do you want Jenn to speak at your next event? Let us know!



Bahrain Steel 


Bahrain Steel 30th anniversary delivering happinessOur Culture Chief Sunny Grosso was with Bahrain Steel to celebrate their 30 years as a company. With a keynote and a session for leaders, Sunny shared the importance and impact that Bahrain Steel can have on the lives of their employees and the community.


In speaking with the organization's leaders, Sunny said the team was "fantastic" and full of "courageous and wise" people! It's always a treat for us to be with others who are aware of the significance of company culture and want to make a difference - and we're happy to help Bahrain Steel be a part of that!



Where we'll be bringing happiness next:


BI Group


We're making a BIG visit to BI Group with our culture coach|sultants, and we're so excited to discover the in's and out's of their culture and get their leadership started on some experiential working sessions. This coach|sulting project is heading in the right direction to creating a more positive, more aligned, and happier workplace culture. With any culture change or transformation, our team starts off by gathering qualitative and quantitative data and tying in specific metrics that are a part of the business strategy.


Why? Because that's how you create successful change and better business! 


SHRM 2019


The national SHRM conference is in Las Vegas this year, and it's going to be a blast! Jenn will be speaking as part of the conference's new Change-Makers series, where HR professionals from all around the country can learn more about the WHAT, WHY, and HOW behind culture change and employee engagement in the workplace. If you're attending, make sure to catch Jenn and her Delivering Happiness book signing afterwards!


Bonus, have you seen our newest Masterclass testimonial?


Early in the year we hosted a custom Masterclass for Burner Law Group, and we even got to film parts of it to share it with you. We wrote about it more in this blog post, but you can also watch it below: 







Learn a bit more about our Happiness model and how company culture can impact your organization:


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