Happiness Now | Our Most Purposeful Blogs of 2017

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"When aligned with strategy and leadership, a strong culture drives positive organizational outcomes." -Harvard Business Review

We wanted to wish all of our friends a happy new year by sharing some of our favorite blogs of 2017. As we make resolutions for the new year, we hope to guide you in creating ideas and driving motivation to live and work with happiness and purpose

We are as ready as ever to jump into 2018 – are you? 

On Work and Happiness:

1) How Happiness is a Choice, and How to Create Your Happiness List

For 2018, how can you create little reminders for yourself to feel or be happy? Create a happiness list! They can be as long or as short as you would like, but your list can make an everyday difference in the way you face challenges and achievements. Read your list when you're feeling weary, and bring back a feeling of happiness when you need it. Your list can be as detailed as you want, or simple just like this: 

A Work Happiness List:

  • having a coffee break at the nearby cafe with my team members
  • staying positive about my daily tasks, and finishing them
  • calling a friend or family member during my lunch hour 
  • being a part of my work peer mentorship program 


2) How to Boost Productivity: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose

For many, avoiding procrastination is one of the many similar resolutions created to aid in productivity. Did you ever stop to think that a lack of motivation could result from the way your work is structured? Learn how autonomy, mastery, and purpose can help you drive motivation through the year and into 2019.


On Shaping Company Culture:

1) How to Reinvent Your Culture "WHY" and "HOW"

Your company’s culture isn’t just about creating a positive work environment with excellent benefits; it’s also about defining the purpose of your organization and how your employees can live it every day. Read how you can reinvent the core of your culture by asking why and how.culture quote tony hsieh zappos delivering happiness.png


2) How to Create a WOW Customer Experience

We talk about culture because of how it connects to the customer experience. Through culture and core values, it’s possible to create WOW experiences for your customers that set your company apart from the competition. Building WOWness starts with you, your employees, and your culture.


3) Hiring and Firing Based on Company Values: Why We Need It

What if you stood by your company’s core values when shaping your workforce and teams? Values like integrity, honesty, and collaboration would be practiced every day as a culture. In a time when corporate scandal and cases of harassment are familiar news headlines, learn how your hiring process can help protect the integrity of the culture you want.



Want to create a sustainable company culture for your organization? Chat with us about workshops, coaching, and other solutions for your executives and teams. 


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