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Delivering Happiness has been zooming around the world, meeting with leaders and soon-to-be leaders on purpose, happiness, and the global community. From Barcelona to Dubai, we've met some people who have championed the happiness and work culture spaces. Take a peek at what we’ve been up to!

Thinking about Purpose with Hewlett Packard

What would it be like if you could get some of your top talent in a room and talked about purpose? What if you asked them to think about purpose in the frame of their lives, their tribes, and their communities? Our Culture Chief Sunny Grosso visited Barcelona to lead participants in HP’s Accelerated Development Program through a session on purpose. Here is one question from the exercise to ponder on:

Who has supported your purpose or helped you find MEANING AT WORK? In what ways do you feel INSPIRED to help others?

If we're not developing meaning in the roles of employees, how can they strive to put out their best work [beyond simple monetary incentives]? Having purpose can motivate your employees on a deep, intrinsic level and can positively contribute to a sustainable workplace culture. If your organization needs support in defining its purpose, learn more about our “Higher Purpose” workshop. 


Leaders for Happiness at The World Government Summit

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CEO Jenn just wrapped up a trip to Dubai, where she met with global thought leaders and policymakers to talk about the transforming role of happiness in sustainable governments. Among the guests and speakers were Goldie Hawn, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Deepak Chopra, and her Excellency Ohood AlRoumi [Minister of State for Happiness and Wellbeing – UAE].

Soon after the opening session, Jenn also moderated a thoughtful discussion with Landmark Group’s Nisha Jagtiani on the "Return on Happiness". We’ll be sharing more insights from Jenn on her experience at the summit, stay tuned!


Upcoming in our World: 

On March 3rd, CEO Jenn Lim is speaking at SECO 2018 about happiness, company culture, and patient experience. As the largest educational event for the eyecare industry, SECO International brings professionals in the field to gather in Atlanta for an integrated learning experience. Check it out Jenn's feature as part of the MedPro360 program:




Do you have a conference or event coming up? Chat with us about having Jenn Lim, Sunny Grosso, or our other Coachsultants put on a keynote session for your attendees:


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