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delivering happiness newsletter april 2019From a celebration in Bahrain to your very own computer screens, our team will delivering happiness around the world and connecting the impact of happiness on the global community. Happiness starts with YOU and is supported by the culture that you live and work in. See where we've been creating stronger cultures and discover where we will be next [and get insights on our next webinar!]. 


Where we've brought happiness: 




Our CEO Jenn Lim delivered a keynote at AMGA's Annual Conference 2019 [#AC19] to help reignite the passion for healthcare for a happier employee-and-patient experience. Through our work with Northwell Health, we're able to tell a clearer story on how culture can positively influence healthcare systems. 


From the National Law Review, an excerpt on lessons from Jenn's keynote:

Happiness requires a bottom-up approach. It is important for everyone to feel empowered in their position. When employees feel empowered and in control it allows them to take pride in their work and become passionate about their jobs and that passion helps to transform the patient’s experience.


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Smurfit Kappa


Higher purpose and values are a part of our model for a culture of happiness. Whenever we get to guide a organization through these core elements, we get excited to see how inspired and motivated their people are about culture. Through our purpose and values creation workshops, our coach|sultants Kelsey and Shereen brought the Smurfit Kappa team through experiential lessons to redraft their purpose and values to be more supportive of a thriving, happy culture. We loved working with this team!


smufit kappa delivering happiness workshop



Dubai Executive Council


Our Culture Chief Sunny delivered a private keynote to top officials of the Dubai Executive Council. If you're new to following our work, our team has been working with the Prime Minister of Happiness' office since 2016 and our proven results from organizational happiness have been published in this year's Global Happiness Policy Report. With Sia Partners, our Sunny was brought in to talk about the impact of happiness from the ME [individual level] to the WE [team level], and outwards in the community.  



Sallie Mae


Our last coach|sulting session for Sallie Mae's Core Values Refresh Program was chock full of great co-working and inspiration! By aligning their refreshed core values to behaviors, the team could identify ways their employees could truly LIVE those values at work. We're so excited for the Sallie Mae team to roll out the findings and work from our sessions together to their other sites across the country! It's been an amazing experience to see this team grow and bring their hearts and heads into the foundations for a happier culture. 


sallie mae delivering happiness coachsulting values



Where we'll be bringing happiness next:


PEN Works 


Jenn will be keynote speaker at Performance Excellence Network's 2019 conference and offering a executive working session for attendees where she'll guide participants through introductory exercises on the role of values in successful work cultures. Participants will get a chance to network with regional leaders and talk about their challenges in organizational culture. We can't wait to see what comes out of this values-based working session!


Bahrain Steel 


To celebrate their 30 years as a company, Bahrain Steel is excited to have Sunny come and speak to their employees about the impact of company culture and happiness. After seeing our team speak in Dubai, CEO Dilip George was inspired to share our message with the rest of his company. As we celebrate this big milestone with Bahrain Steel, we are excited to see how this keynote helps propel them forward into the next 30 years!


Next Webinar - How to Create a Culture of Happiness | The DH Roadmap


Our last webinar was a huge success and attendees wanted even more details on implementing culture change in their organizations. So our next webinar will feature our Culture Chief Sunny and senior coach|sultant Veronica Fernandez Mesias, who have delivered multiple Masterclasses and workshops together on culture change. In this 1-hour webinar they will introduce our DH roadmap as a method of implementing successful culture change and advise on how to recognize wins and avoid major pitfalls.



Our webinar will take place on June 5th 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern. 




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