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 In the last few weeks of 2018, we’ve been counting the things we’re grateful for, and we wanted to pause and say we appreciate our readers, fans, DH community, partners, and clients. We cannot wait to start another year delivering happiness to more organizations all around the world. Take a look at what the beginning of 2019 looks like and how we’re starting it off with a BANG!

Allergan: National Sales Meeting Keynote

Jan 9th, 2019


Jenn will be venturing to the beautiful and musical city of Nashville, TN to deliver a keynote to Allergan’s sales teams. She just wrapped up some time with their managers in Los Angeles, and we’ve received some fantastic feedback already! We cannot wait to see how January’s meeting shapes up to be as the leadership and their teams continue to rally around purpose and culture at work.


Jenn lim allergan sales manager meeting december 2018


Want Jenn or our other speakers to be a part of your next event? Learn more about our DH keynote speakers here


Burner Law Group: Masterclass

Jan 4th-5th, 2019


We first met with Nancy Burner, the founding manager and partner of Burner Law Group, a few years ago when we hosted a public masterclass [bootcamp]. Since then, she and the team have been making their culture a priority to extend their impact further into the community and create more meaningful work and client relationships.

Our coachsultants Sunny and Vero will be in New York to walk Burner Law Group [BLG] through a custom DH Masterclass on culture and business strategy. Unlike your typical impression of attorneys, this group strives to deliver compassion and quality to their client base - senior adults in the Greater New York City Area. Stay tuned to see some behind the scenes stuff from this upcoming Masterclass!

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FLOW AquaticsMasterclass

Jan 12th, 2019


“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” is one of our favorite things to quote when we need to keep our head [metaphorically, or literally] above water. So you can imagine the excitement we shared when FLOW Aquatics asked us for DH Masterclass!


This swimming instruction school focuses on confidence-building techniques to create a newfound approach to swimming with relaxation, comfort, and freedom in mind. Their “Culture Team” has already read Delivering Happiness [the book], and they’re so ready to strengthen the foundation of their culture.

Our coachsultants Sunny and Jess will be heading to Boise, ID to bring the FLOW Aquatics team through a custom Masterclass so they can deliver happiness to their employees and customers in a sustainable way. We cannot wait to see how their culture continues to transform, adapt, and grow!

Century 21 Department Stores: Masterclass

Jan 30th - Spring 2019


Beginning at the end of January, we’ll be making a few trips to New York City to take Century 21’s leadership through a custom DH Masterclass. With such a big and growing company, it’s hard to get everyone in a room together - but we’re determined to build upon our previous work and guide them along their culture journey.


With an aligned purpose to “Delivering Value to Live Better” and core values in place, Century 21’s people are ready to take the next steps in transforming their culture to be both sustainable and more profitable for years to come.


How can a DH Masterclass help your company get alignment on both culture and business strategy?

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