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Karlita's Corner:

Change is happening all around with an exponential rate. It's sometimes scary, sometimes beautiful, but always new. This new-ness, in its challenge, can often lead us to wonder, "WHY WON'T THIS STOP?!"

The better question is where in our lives are we responding to it, and where are we driving it?

I've been giving this question much thought the past week, given current events, and wondering what my place is for impact- where can I make my difference?

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the seeming grand scale of world problems. If we put them into perspective, we can also see that the world is a more peaceful, positive place than at any point in history. 

But that doesn't happen on its own. 

In his TED Conference closing speech, Elon Musk spoke about the general confidence that technology somehow improves on its own. This continues to strike me... that there's a status quo that products and software will keep upgrading every couple months; we forget that behind those technologies and updates are hundreds of thousands of people working endlessly to move the world forward. 

It's important to keep perspective and hope that the world and history does indeed bend towards goodness and justice, but it's equally important to remember that that's contingent on our every day actions. 

How this relates to culture? I believe it begins in our workplaces, with reaching out and connecting with our coworkers- taking the initiative to ask about their lives outside office hours. It manifests itself in how we go about our work; things as simple as the spirit we bring to our meetings or refilling the coffeepot once we take the last cup. And it continues in the presence we bring when we confront situations which challenge our beliefs: do we retreat and hold our arms, or lean in to question and learn?

Change in our collective cultures is before us. Let's consider how our every day plays into that change. 

-Karla Moreno

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