Happiness Now | Week of July 24-27, 2017

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That's right, Mumbai. 

We are coming for you

From our corner of the universe to yours, here's what's on our Slack channels this last week of July...

  • TO READ: Turnover is on everyone's minds. We can't pretend it doesn't exist. But what are real predictions we can approach the topic with? (If you're on a sales team, you can't afford [literally] to miss this... 
  • TO LISTEN: If you're committing to a podcast, it had better be amazing. Well, this one is amazing. Our Growth Sherpa in Residence, Jeff Shiau's podcast sat down with the beloved Jenn Lim to talk life, humans, and authenticity. Grab some tissues and your journal...
  • TO WATCH: Ever look back on yourself from 3 years ago and pat yourself on the back for x action? Want to look back in 3 years and have that be a bear hug instead? Watch this TED talk.
  • TO GO TO: We're thrilled to share that we will be teaming up with India's Happiitude this October to bring Mumbai a 3-day bootcamp on workplace culture and happiness. Some of our finest and brightest minds will be in attendance, so we know you will be too ;] Click here to learn more! #DeliveringHappiitude

As always, Make sure you tweet us @DHMovement and @khaydeeabril and let us know what *YOU* think. Anything inspire you? Outrage you? Let us know! 


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