Happiness Now | Week of May 22-26, 2017

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Our very own CEO Jenn Lim speaking before the Israeli Management Center's Annual Customer Service Convention this Monday, in Tel Aviv- what a treat! 



What a week- we found ourselves Delivering Happiness in two corners of the world! Besides being inspired and engaged by such awesome crowds, we found ourselves in conversation over these juicy bits which are just too good not to reshare...

Make sure you tweet us @DHMovement and @khaydeeabril and let us know what *YOU* think. Anything inspire you? Outrage you? Let us know! 

  • "The Mothership of Innovation," as Apple's Campus in Cupertino has been hailed, is up for a revamp. Endless glass, a walled garden, a wellness facility. And... a solar system? This is design central. (If you can get us on that guest list, please, sign us up). 
  • General Electric announced they were appointing finance executive, Lynn Calpeter, to head up its "Future of Work," research initiative. Fascinating stuff, here. This topic's become a buzzword in the news and media attention after receiving even White House attention- you can bet GE knows what it's doing- or does it? 
  • Facebook, Facebook! How's a hack at Core Values (What?!)
  • #DHINTHEWORLD: Our CHO (that's Chief Happiness Officer for ya, folks) found herself in Tel Aviv, speaking before the Israeli Management Center AND Hightower Advisors's Apex conference this week. What a gift! Her stories and insights from these communities are just too good not to share. Look to our blog for her reflections (coming soon...)

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